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Welcome to Iris and Poppy's Kitchen!

In the early 1970's, my parents owned and operated what I think was the first Filipino restaurant in Long Beach, CA.  Located in downtown Long Beach, it was called Queen Mary. Queen Mary's patrons were mostly Filipinos serving in the US Navy. My mom and dad worked their day jobs and at night, Queen Mary opened for business, offering beer, camaraderie, and authentic Filipino food. In the mid-1980's, driven by their desire for financial independence, passion for cooking, and unwavering belief in the American Dream, my parents decided to open up a second restaurant in San Diego. This second restaurant was called Porta Vaga. Successful for half a decade, Porta Vaga suffered the fate of many restaurants during the great recession.

Though this  set-back may have dampened my parents' spirits for a moment, they recovered with renewed zeal. 

Inspired by my parents' enterprise and trail blazing efforts, I started Iris and Poppy's Kitchen as a way to help finance my children's college careers. My son is a freshman in college and my daughter is starting high school next year. I was sitting in a cafe with a friend, talking about colleges and college tuition when I jokingly said, "I should just sell my garlic peanuts." 

And so here I am. 

I'm excited to share my family's passion for delicious food with all of you, starting with my critically acclaimed,

deceivingly addictive Garlic Peanuts!

8404 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103

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